The most anticipated films of 2018 (Part 1)

1) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance 

Poem about revenge. This was the slogan of the original film. The American remake has not yet acquired such a phrase, attracting spectators to the cinema halls. He by this time has no synopsis, no data on the cast, or the director. Only the release date for 2018 is announced. Well, "Oldboy" was, to be honest, not very much. Naturally, its American version. Let's see how the States will manage with the "Lord." Pak Chang-uk also took off at the time a wonderful movie, which came to taste himself Quentin Tarantino ....


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The first scene takes place on the Dragon Stone. Jame, Bronn, Jaindry, Tyrion and Sir Davos return to Daconian Stone. Edmur supposedly returned to Riverrand. John meets them and tells them about the death of Dayneri. Tirion is very saddened when he hears that Dayneris has died and is conversing with John Snow on the rocks of the Dragonstone. He tells John that he believed in Dayneris. He believed that Denis could make this world a better place than now. Next, Tirion asks what Daneris killed. John mentions that she died during childbirth, and the Golden Swords took her body to give it to Cersei Lannister. Tirion asks what happened to the child, John replies that their girl is alive and well. Tyrion smiles, and then notices the solitary Greyjoe ship, floating to the Dragonstone. John and Tyrion go to the ship. It was none other than Jara Greijo. Yara reports that she escaped from Eiron, but lost almost all of her army. John asks her about the whereabouts of Theon, and she te ... Read more »

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The first scene will include only the soundtrack of R. Javadi, during the first five minutes there are no dialogues. First we see how the Knights of the Valley are preparing to attack. Then we see how the armies of Lannister, Tally and Stark go to the Valley. Jame, Tirion, Edmur and Bronn lead their fighters. Then we see how the Golden Swords board the ships of Euryon. The Valley Knights watch as the huge snow storm slowly approaches, Lord Royce commands the armies to keep their spears with dragon-glass tips ready for battle. Robin Arren will fight behind Lord Royce. Lord Royce is not too happy that Robin Arren commands his people. It's written on his face.

The first phrase comes from Lord Royce, who orders his people to be ready. Further, the Undead begins to pass through the Blood Gate. Robin Arren commands archers, but epic merges. Inside the Eagle's Nest, we see Lady Sansu along with Jindri and Brienna from Tartu. Jindri bids farewell to Sansa and joins ... Read more »

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• The first scene takes place in the Royal Lands. Sensei talks to Quibern, Euron and the three commanders of the Golden Swords. Quiberney tells them that Dayneris and John have split their army and that Jaime is currently with John and Edmur in Riverrane, probably awaiting the King of the Night attack. Pike again captured Theon Greyjoy and John's army, which are clearly annoyed by Euron. The Deyneris went back to the Dragon Stone. Cersei laughs and says that she hopes that Night King will soon devour their armies. They do not want to wait long, and the Golden Swords will attack the Dragonstone, as the army of the Deyneris has significantly decreased. Euron Greyjoy looks at the Iron Throne when Cersei joins him in the Throne Room. She asks Eroon why he does not attack Pike, because his nephew took it. At first, Euron believes that this is a stupid idea to go north now, but Cersei convinces him to teach his enemies another lesson. Euron decides to take his fleet and ... Read more »

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This episode is slightly shorter than the others and lasts +/- 60 minutes.
• John, Deyneris, Sansa, Robin, Lord Royce, Jame, Bronn, Edmur, Varis, Brienne, Tirion, Jorah, Jandry, Sam and his wife, Davos, Missandey and Theon all arrive in the Serov Watch. However, not all of these characters appear on the screen. They stop here and discuss their strategy to defeat the King of the Night definitively.

Inside the Seraphic Watch, John, Deyneris, Sansa, Robin, Lord Royce, Jame, Bronn, Edmur, Tyrion, Sam and Davos discuss the plan of action. John suggests waiting for the Night King's attack on the Eagle's Nest, since it is very difficult to penetrate this fortress. Tirion jokes that the Night King needs no more than 10 normal men to infiltrate the whore (the play of words - impregnate has several meanings), but only Bronn reacts to this joke. The remaining Lannister and Tally armies defend Riverrain along with Edmur, Tyrion, Jame and Bronn. When the Eagl ... Read more »

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Series 120 min.
• Scene 1
The first scene takes place in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Here there are John, Dayneris, Tirion, Davos and Sansa. Jandry and Tormund tell the crowd that the Wall has fallen, and the Night Watch has been destroyed. Tormund also mentions that the King of the Night flies on an undead dragon and that they are very serious opponents. Bran Stark confirms the story of Jandry and Tormund and tells that the King of the Night is heading to Winterfell. John Snow tells the others that they have nothing to lose, and asks Meister Volkan to inform all the standard bearers, all in the North, that one must be prepared for a battle with the Army of the Dead. They need to prepare for the Battle of Winterfell.

• Scene 2
After John Snow received so much new information about his origin, he goes to the crypt to visit the grave of his mother Lianna and her uncle, Ned Stark. Dayneris notices that there is something wrong with John a ... Read more »

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Scene 1: Consequences of the attack of the SC on the CH. Tormund and Jendry are retreating. Lord Berik Dondarion covers their retreat, fighting with the White Walkers (dies off-screen?), But before this kills the White Walker who killed Edd. Edd was killed by the White Walker. Tormund and Jendry jump into Winterfell, we see a burning ChZ in the background. Undead Wieserion spits an inanimate flame.

Scene 2: Dayneris, John, Tirion, Davos, Jorah, Brienne, Podrik, Dog, Missandey, Varis and Theon arrive in Winterfell. Davos notices that he has become much colder and darker, after his departure from John. John and Arya are reunited for the first time. Dayneris meets with Sansa Stark and Sansa asks if she has a love with John. Daenerys does not give a clear answer to this. Sansa, it seems, is not very happy that John returns to Winterfell and also to the presence of Dayneris. John notices this and talks to her. She mentions the death of Mizinets and how he always betra ... Read more »

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